Arran 10yr Old - The Whisky Isle

A dynamic new force in the scotch whisky industry, Isle of Arran Distillers is one of the few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland.

Arran 14yr Old - The Whisky Isle

Toffee and citrus followed by a trademark Arran finish with cinnamon spices leading back to where the experience began, with a classic island-style salty wave balancing the sweet-fruit of the palate.

Arran Amarone Cask - The Whisky Isle

After a remarkable (if understandable) proliferation of single cask bottlings with experimental and occasionally unfortunate wine finishes, Arran have plumped for a core range of just three finished malts, of which this Amarone red wine finish is the d

Arran Sauternes Cask - The Whisky Isle

An interesting entry in the Arran Cask Finishes range, with the spirit spending the last few years of its maturation in a Sauternes sweet wine cask. Expect some sweet grapey notes as well as some tasty woody spice.

Highland Park 12yr Old - The Whisky Isle

The first proprietary bottling of Highland Park single malt Scotch whisky was as a 12 year old in 1979.

Highland Park 15 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Highland Park 15 Year Old has a remarkably complex nose with notes of camphor, peat and citrus fruits and flowers. The drying sensation on the finish leaves a rich smoky feeling and the immediate desire to refill your glass.

Highland Park 18 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

First released in 1997, Highland Park immediately found favor with whisky writers and enthusiasts all over the world. It is a perfectly balanced single malt with a toffee sweetness and a mouthwateringly smokey finish.

Highland Park 25 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

First released in 1998, Highland Park 25 Year Old is a phenomenal whisky; it has a rich amber glow and an unmistakable taste of smokiness and heather honey with, as you would expect from Highland Park, a hint of peat.

Highland Park 30 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Until the launch of the 40 year old, this was the flagship variant of the Highland Park range was first released in April 2005. By its very nature, this whisky is only available in limited quantities.

Highland Park Freya 15 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

For the third release in the acclaimed Valhalla Collection, Highland Park has turned its attention to the mesmerizing Norse Goddess of Love, Freya.

Isle of Jura 10 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

This is aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 10 years. Some say it tastes of oak with hints of honey, caramel and soft licorice, but then again everyone is different.

Isle of Jura 16 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

This is one patient customer - biding its time for 14 years in American white oak before spending a final two years in ex-Amoroso Oloroso sherry casks for an unbelievably full-bodied finish.

Isle of Jura 21 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

A tremendous whisky from the Isle of Jura. Soft fruits and spices erupt on the palate. A great whisky at a great price.

Isle of Jura 30 Year Old Bot. 2010 - The Whisky Isle

A wonderful older expression from Jura. Sweet and rich with floral and fruit notes that last forever on the finish.

Isle of Jura Prophecy Peated - The Whisky Isle

Matured without chill filtration for a huge peaty punch, this complex whisky is aged in Limousine oak casks. Some taste peat smoke, fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray, but like any great story, it's all open to interpretation.

Isle of Jura Superstition - The Whisky Isle

For all of you taste gurus out there, you may pick out hints of honey and pine, as the balance of peated and unpeated spirits is matured to perfection in ex-Bourbon casks.

Scapa 16 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

A tremendous expression from the second distillery in Orkney.

Talisker 10 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

A massive success as the island representative in Diageo's 'Classic Malts' series, Talisker 10 year old's profile keeps increasing as more fans discover its intense coastal spicy, peaty character. A truly elemental malt.

Talisker 18 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Talisker 18 years old is a masterpiece from one of Scotland's greatest distilleries, and was named 'Best Single Malt Whisky in the World at the World Whiskies Awards in 2007. Stunning balance of peat, spice and sweetness.

Talisker 25 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

A wonderful drop of whisky from the Isle of Skye's most famous distillery. The smoke has dissipated over the years but it it most definitely still there, matched only by a beautifully sweet and complex fruit palate and soft rich finish.

Talisker 30 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

One of the most consistently excellent of the super premium releases from Diageo, this cask strength Talisker 30 year old is vatted from a mix of refill American and European oak casks and sadly limited to less than 3000 bottles worldwide.

Tobermory 10 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

The unpeated malt from the producers of Ledaig, Tobermory hails from the Isle of Mull and is a more gentle medium-bodied, accessible malt than its peated sister. A good aperitif malt.

Tobermory 15 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Beautifully-presented bottle of Tobermory. The whisky is matured in Gonzalez Byass Oloroso sherry casks and the casks mature on the mainland before traveling back to Mull for the final year before bottling.