Southern Comfort Liqueur - The Whisky Isle

One of the world's most famous liqueurs, Southern Comfort is made with American grain spirit and peaches and tastes great with traditional lemonade, or with vodka, orange & grenadine: the 'Alabama Slammer'.

Southern Comfort Liqueur 100 Proof - The Whisky Isle

Superstrength deluxe version of Southern Comfort, this smooth liqueur has a potent kick and is great for giving a bit of extra bite to any of the myriad cocktails that use it.

Tap 357 Canadian Maple Whiskey Liqueur - The Whisky Isle

Maple Leaves and Moose tracks in a glass. Another whisky liqueur that slides down almost too easily! Pour over ice or pancakes!

The Whisky Isle Glass

If you want to nose and taste whisky like a true connoisseur then you need The Whisky Isle tasting glass. Available in either a pack of 2 or 4, these Glencairn glasses - the professionals nosing and tasting vessel, are beautifully embossed with The Whi

Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur - The Whisky Isle

Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur is another honey liqueur from the American whiskey world. Sweet and easy and ideal for cocktails or over ice.

Windsor Canadian Whisky - The Whisky Isle

An easy to sip Canadian blend.

Wiser's 18 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Wiser's 18 Year Old Canadian blended whisky has been made the same way since it's founder J.P. Wiser created it back in the mid 1800's. Notes of sweet oak, vanilla and poached pear make this a treat on the palate as well as the wallet.