Canadian Club - The Whisky Isle

A classic whisky - Peppery and fruity with balanced sweetness and bitter oak.

Crown Royal Black Canadian Whisky - The Whisky Isle

A dark, more robust version of popular Canadian whisky Crown Royal, bottled at a higher strength of 45% abv.

Crown Royal Reserve - The Whisky Isle

The new version of the ever popular Crown Royal Special Reserve, just as special as it used to be but without the reiteration in the name. One of Canada's most iconic whiskies.

Crown Royal XR Extra Rare - The Whisky Isle

A very special edition of Crown Royal released in 2006, XR was created using the last batch of rare whiskies from former owners Seagram's Waterloo distillery in Ontario, much of which was destroyed by fire in 1993 shortly after the distillery had close

Jameson - The Whisky Isle

Jameson's blend their remarkable pot still whiskeys with a delicate grain whiskey, infuse them with the nuttiness of sherry casks and balance the flavors with the fragrant vanilla of our bourbon casks.

Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve - The Whisky Isle

This superbly mellow whiskey is an absolute powerhouse of Irish Whiskey. Its full-bodied flavor is born after maturing for twelve years in a combination of seasoned bourbon barrels and Olorosso sherry casks.

Jameson 18 year Old - The Whisky Isle

The exceptionally balanced blend is mellow, complex with a lingering finale of wood, spice and toffee.

Jameson 2007 Rarest Vintage Reserve - The Whisky Isle

A triumph of the collaboration between the Jameson Masters, our hand crafted Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve is a true masterpiece.

Jameson Gold Reserve - The Whisky Isle

Jameson Gold Reserve has been the toast of whiskey critics for many years now. Perhaps, they love the creative blend of three aged whiskeys, one of which is uniquely matured in virgin oak barrels delivering a smooth complex taste profile.

Kilbeggan - The Whisky Isle

A delightful Irish blend. Great whisky!

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy - The Whisky Isle

Introduced by Irish Distillers in 2011 as part of the relaunched range of pot still whiskies, The Barry Crockett Legacy is named for the Midleton master distiller and combines bourbon cask matured whisky with some from a new american oak barrel.

Midleton Very Rare - The Whisky Isle

The flagship blend from Ireland's biggest distillery (home of Jameson), Midleton Very Rare is a small batch blend released annually, generally to universal acclaim.

Paddy - The Whisky Isle

A classic Irish whiskey blend.

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey - The Whisky Isle

A classic Irish Blend. Very easy to drink.

Seagrams VO - The Whisky Isle

A classic Canadian whiskey. Spicy with a soft sweet finish.

Tullamore D.E.W. - The Whisky Isle

This is everything you want from an Irish dram - sweet, light and very easy to sip on. Great neat or on the rocks - notes of vanilla, light oak and cereal make this a tasty treat - and the price is great too!

Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix - The Whisky Isle

In 1785, Tullamore, Ireland witnessed a devastating hot-air balloon accident. The resulting blaze nearly destroyed the town but immeasurably strengthened her people. Since that day, they placed a phoenix in the town’s coat of arms.

Windsor Canadian Whisky - The Whisky Isle

An easy to sip Canadian blend.

Wiser's 18 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Wiser's 18 Year Old Canadian blended whisky has been made the same way since it's founder J.P. Wiser created it back in the mid 1800's. Notes of sweet oak, vanilla and poached pear make this a treat on the palate as well as the wallet.