Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star Bourbon  - The Whisky Isle

Ancient Ancient Age is really good value: premium bourbon at a very reasonable price. Remarkable complexity for the money and a long, mellow finish make this a winner.

Angel's Envy Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson's small batch bourbon is handcrafted and finished in Port Casks for deep rich color and palate. A tremendous whiskey.

Baker's 7yr old Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of the legendary Jim Beam, Baker's Bourbon is seven-years-old and hand-bottled at 107 proof.

Barterhouse Bourbon 20 Year Old The Whisky Isle

These whiskey stocks were discovered in old warehouses at the Stitzel-Weller facility in Louisville, Ky.

Basil Haydens - The Whisky Isle

Produced by the Beam company, Basil Hayden's is the lightest style of small batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Sweet and soft, this is great for your favorite cocktail or to be sipped over a couple of cubes on a warm southern summers day.

Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey - The Whisky Isle

This light tasting bourbon hails from Sheffield, Massachusetts. An interesting drop with sweet vanilla, spiced oak, pepper and a little faint grain finish.

Blanton's Original - The Whisky Isle

Taken from the center-cut or middle sections of the famous Warehouse H, Blanton's Original was once designated for ambassadors, dignitaries, and Colonel Blanton's family and friends.

Bookers Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Only released four times a year, this small batch bourbon packs a punch at varying strengths (close to 120 proof!). Booker Noe, the 7th generation master blender lends his name to this exquisite 8 year old bourbon.

Breaking & Entering Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Breaking & Entering Bourbon is from the fine folks St George Spirits, and although they are not producing this whisky, they have bought these casks from lots of different bourbon producers and are showcasing their art in blending. It's fantastic.

Breckenride Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Breckenridge Bourbon hails from the famous ski town set in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Burnished gold in color, this bourbon brings a range of aromas to the nose: honey, vanilla, oak, toffee and a suggestion of coriander are all there.

Bulleit Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Bulleit Bourbon is made by following the small-batch technique inspired by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. Only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year - The Whisky Isle

The long awaited followup to Bulleit's regular bourbon and rye whiskies - a 10 year old bourbon. Fantastically balanced, with great controlled sweetness, and a backbone of oak and spice.

Clyde Mays Conecuh Ridge - The Whisky Isle

This American whisky is produced at Heaven Hill distillery and contains corn, rye and malted barley. A mix of 5 and 6 year old bourbon, this is an interesting dram and limited in quantity.

E. H. Taylor Old Single Barrel 10 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Named for Colonel E H Taylor, an early owner of the Buffalo Trace distillery who helped shape the bourbon production process, it uses an adaptation of his old recipe and methods to give an old fashioned, great tasting bourbon from on single barrel.

E. H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Named for Colonel E H Taylor, an early owner of the Buffalo Trace distillery who helped shape the bourbon production process, it uses an adaptation of his old recipe and methods to give an old fashioned, great tasting bourbon.

Eagle Rare Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

A top-quality single barrel bourbon from Buffalo Trace, the Eagle Rare 10 year old is deliciously fragrant and woody, and has to be one of the best bargains available in this price range.

Elijah Craig 12 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

Bottled exclusively from a dumping of 70 barrels or less, the brand carries the name of the Rev. Elijah Craig, the man who discovered the method of making true Kentucky Bourbon when he stored his wares in barrels that had been charred in a fire.

Elijah Craig 21 Year Old - The Whisky Isle

This Elijah Craig 21year old single barrel bottle is a rare treat from this distillery and replaces the 20 year old limited bottle of 2012. Bottled at 45% abv. this fantastic bourbon is testament to the hard working folks at Heaven Hill Distillery.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof - The Whisky Isle

This limited edition Elijah Craig is bottled at 137 proof and allows you to experience this small batch bourbon at barrel strength. Non chill filtered, raw and unapologetic, this is a big whiskey that perhaps needs a cube of ice or two!

Elmer T Lee Single Barrel - The Whisky Isle

Named after Master Distiller Emeritus Elmer T. Lee, this whiskey is hand selected and bottled to the taste and standards of Elmer T. Lee himself. Perfectly balanced and rich, as declared by the man who knows how great bourbon should taste.

Evan Williams Bourbon - The Whisky Isle

Evan Williams Kentucky bourbon is a classic alternative to Old No.7 and in a similar looking bottle. Great value whiskey.

Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve - The Whisky Isle

A sweet and spicy whisky based liqueur from Evan Williams, bringing in hot cinnamon for a fiery shot.

Evan Williams Honey Reserve Liqueur - The Whisky Isle

Evan Williams Honey Reserve Liqueur is a very promising whiskey based liqueur from Heaven Hill. Made with Evan Williams bourbon and flavored with honey, this whiskey based liqueur is dangerously easy to sip on!