New York

Flatiron Room Whisky Isle

The Flatiron Room

This bar boasts 700+ whiskies, bourbons, single malts and classic cocktails. The dimly lit atmosphere is in perfect harmony with the space’s unconventional sophistication. It feels like a hidden gem one has luckily stumbled upon.

37 West 26th Street
New York, NY
Isle Of Skye Whisky Isle

Isle of Skye

This fantastic bar pierces through the hipster crowd of Brooklyn and offers you a fantastic selection of Single Malt Scotch whiskies. Below street level and below the radar of the whisky snob, this place is a true gem. Go there. You’ll love it!

488 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Ward 3 Whisky Isle

Ward III

Just enough mystery in the ambience to have you wondering if you’ve stepped into Tribeca’s favorite neighborhood local or entered a swanky cocktail hideout. They do take their cocktails seriously, but don’t be intimidated by the bespoke style menu.

111 Reade Street
New York, NY
Noormans Kil Whisky Isle

Noormans Kil

The wide planked flooring and wooden benches give this Brooklyn bar a James Dean effortless coolness. With over 400 whiskies to taste, it’s both beauty and substance.

609 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY
Brandy Library Whisky Isle

Brandy Library

This magnificent bar glows amber and invokes a sense of thirst for something seriously spectacular. With options for everyone, you are sure to be exhausted by their extensive 900 bottle offering in their spirit library.

25 North Moore Street
New York, NY
Caledonia Whisky Isle

Caledonian Bar

Looking for a Scottish watering hole? (That is to say, Scottish; not an another Irish themed bar offering Scotch whisky) Then Caledonian is your destination.

1609 2nd Avenue
New York, NY


The Patterson House

Upscale bar serving craft cocktails mixed with care in a cozy, mellow setting.

1711 Division St
Nashville, TN

Holland House Bar and Refuge

Holland House Bar & Refuge, the first restaurant from chef/barman Terry Raley, offers a seasonal dining experience in the heart of East Nashville, now known as the city's "it" destination for culinary artistry.  At the heart of HHB&R's concept

935 W Eastland Ave
Nashville, TN


Downing Street Whisky Isle

Downing Street

If you’re a Speyside fan, tie your napkin round your neck and dig in. With over 100 single malt scotch whiskies comprising 50% of their total whisky list, you’re sure to find Downing Street Pub a relaxing retreat.

2549 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX
Standard Pour Whisky isle

Standard Pour

Part cocktail den, part greasy spoon, part urban oasis, the Standard Pour has all the ingredients for a perfect evening. You'll feel right at home cozied up bar or table side.

2900 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX